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Mr. Perham
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Sean Perham

        Coming from an extended family of artists and teachers, I knew from a young age art would play an important role in my life. My artistic career began as a Professional Chef working with food as my favorite medium. During my culinary career I had the opportunity to teach others how to cook.  These lessons allowed me to discover my passion for teaching and I soon made the decision to change my career to become a member of the academic community.  
            My teaching credentials include  a B.A. of Art Education from Framingham State College, a M.Ed. from Framingham State University and a CAGS in Administration from American International College. My teaching career began in 2007 at The Kennedy  Middle School in Waltham and am now enjoying my ninth year as the art teacher at The Fowler School in Maynard. I enjoy working in all forms of artistic media as it gives me the ability to express myself.  I am proud to say I am both a working artist as well as a teacher.

            As an educator I use visual arts as a medium towards a life-long learning experience for my students.   Art education is an important component of a well-rounded curriculum which highlights and supports a student’s creative potential, cultural awareness, respect for others, patience and self-discipline.  Through the influence of art I hope to develop a universal teaching style for the whole student.  My goals are to challenge the artistic abilities of every student and to allow them the freedom to become artists and grow intellectually.

            Art provides a platform to educate on many levels.  Looking at art and creating it elicits an emotional response, an experience which provides an outlet on many intellectual levels.  It provides an awareness of oneself by promoting the ability to see beyond the surface.  Through art education I want to provide an atmosphere where abstract thought is encouraged and accepted.  I want my students to hear their creative voice and to develop a style from within.

            Taking the time to acknowledge outside influences is an important aspect of learning and exploring one’s potential. I will strongly adhere to a multicultural education.  Ignorance of other cultures in the classroom is unacceptable; art transcends race and culture as it is a shared visual experience evoking emotion.  Being open-minded to all cultures promotes respect for others and good citizenship.

            Above all, I want to become a positive influence in my students’ education.  Positive encouragement is something every student needs to succeed.  I strive to be an approachable teacher who helps students with whatever problem they may have.  I want them to know they have the potential to succeed within art and in life.

        I look forward to a great year at Fowler and am excited to see the amazing art creations constructed in my classroom!


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